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We are proud of our reputation at Caparo Dynamics of a solid technical expertise coupled with a quick reaction to your Shock and vibration issues.

Please visit our 'contacts us' page to discuss your requirements in more detail where our Technical team can offer advice and assistance in many different ways:

  • Mounting Arrangements With Caparo Dynamics’ vast experience in shock and vibration methods, we can advise on mounting arrangements, including over-turn issues, for any application. Assisting designers with the understanding of displacement of equipment under shock and vibration, coupled with associated equipment interfaces, is just one of the scenarios our technical experts can assist with. read more
  • Design Assistance Many applications require a custom-designed solution and one of Caparo Dynamics’ major strengths is our experience in assisting customers with vibration issues who require more than just the usual calculations. We can also offer concept design assistance as well as shock and vibration predictions. read more
  • Shock Predictions With our MoD designed and approved software, Caparo Dynamics can predict mount displacements and more importantly the levels of above mount acceleration, (g), following a naval shock event. This can be done in each axis at various input grades to suit the positioning of the systems on-board ship. read more
  • Vibration Prediction If specific vibration problems exist or you are concerned that there may be issues during the design phase on a new project, please contact our qualified staff for advice. Calculations can be provided showing above mount responses for a whole range of disturbing frequencies for a whole range of more