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The product groups below represent a main section of Caparo Dynamics Product range. Each of these ranges has a technical data sheet with additional information. Please visit our 'contact us' page if you require any further details.

Additional products are also available, coupled with our bespoke service and the knowledge of the anti-vibration and shock markets also gives us the capability of product sourcing for your specific application and/or problem areas.

  • Admiralty Range This specialised range of NATO codified shock and anti-vibration mounts was developed in conjunction with the British MoD for extensive use in both defence and marine applications throughout the world. This established line is now the preferred product solution of the MoD.
    • Naval 'X' Type Shock Mount
    • 'XM' Mounts
    • Type P4 1/2
    • 'L' & 'M' Mounts
    • Naval 'Y' Type Shock Mount
    • Type 'J' Mounts
    • 'R' & 'S'
    • Type PD
    read more
  • Aerospace Range This lightweight and compact range of mounts was originally developed to be used as aircraft instrument mounts but this highly versatile range is now used in a wide variety of applications, mainly where extreme environmental conditions apply. read more
  • Equiflex Range This collection of high performance mounts are designed to maintain equal stiffness in every direction, giving ultimate support and protection for use in the most demanding environments. read more
  • Industrial Range This range is comprised of resilient mesh and coil spring mounts, designed to support equipment used in machine shops, laboratories, testing facilities and marine engineering applications. read more
  • Military Vehicle systems This range of NATO codified and standard shock and anti-vibration mounts has been utilised on Military vehicles currently under deployment in the roughest terrains throughout the world. read more
  • Rubber to Metal Mounts This family of elastomeric mounts are suitable for a wide range of Marine, vehicle and static applications. Principally used for vibration isolation with a degree of shock protection in all planes. read more
  • Special Purpose Mounts A developed range of bespoke vibration and shock reduction products to suit customers’ more specific requirements. If you have a particular application that does not have an off the shelf solution, please contact us for assistance and guidance. read more