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Special Purpose Mounts

A developed range of bespoke vibration and shock reduction products to suit customers’ more specific requirements. If you have a particular application that does not have an off the shelf solution, please contact us for assistance and guidance.

  • GENERAL PURPOSE MULTI-AXIAL MOUNTINGS Natural frequency 10-14 Hz according to series selected. This robust mounting was developed as an exhaust pipe support for motor vehicles. Mass range: up to 10 kg.
  • KNITTED AND FORMED MESH Due to its excellent heat and corrosion resistant properties, knitted stainless steel mesh has a wide range of military and industrial uses when formed into pads, washers and sleeves. Applications include aerospace, filtration, marine, instrumentation and communications. Mass range: Dependant upon design and shape factor.
  • REAR SUSPENSION CROSS MEMBER MOUNTING Developed in collaboration with a leading motor vehicle manufacturer, this mount is an assembly of steel pressings and specially developed mesh cushions.
  • RESILIENT BUSHES Primarily used on gas turbines, these resilient bushes protect delicate equipment from engine carcase vibration and reduce fatigue at anchor points. The damping medium used is stainless steel mesh.