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Admiralty Range

This specialised range of NATO codified shock and anti-vibration mounts was developed in conjunction with the British MoD for extensive use in both defence and marine applications throughout the world. This established line is now the preferred product solution of the MoD.

  • Naval 'X' Type Shock Mount
  • 'XM' Mounts
  • Type P4 1/2
  • 'L' & 'M' Mounts
  • Naval 'Y' Type Shock Mount
  • Type 'J' Mounts
  • 'R' & 'S'
  • Type PD
  • 'J' TYPE The ‘J’ mount is designed to yield at a predetermined load in any direction under shock. It gives no vibration isolation and is suitable for shock protection of electrical distribution equipment but not rotating machinery. Mass range: 2.0 - 180 kg. Datasheet
  • 'L' & 'M' Types Used for medium to high speed machinery for shock and vibration protection. It is captive when assembled with the decelerating unit. Mass Range: 8.5 - 450 kg Datasheet
  • Naval 'X' Type Shock Mount Approved by the MoD for Naval use these mounts were designed and developed to protect ship-bourne equipment from vibrations and shock caused by underwater explosion. The mount generally gives better shock and vibration protection than any other mount presently approved for the MoD. Mass Range: 6.0 - 550 kg Datasheet
  • Type 'PD' These mountings are made in three sizes, (P5D, P7D, and P8¼D), covering the supported mass range . The Type ‘PD’ mount is a general purpose resilient mount used primarily for vibration isolation with shock isolation capabilities. Snubber washers are used in pairs to provide captivity in shock environments. All mounts are manufactured to MoD Specifications. Mass Range: 750-2,500 kg Datasheet
  • TYPE 'R' & 'S' The ‘R’ mount consists of two rubber washers, a rubber bush assembled with a centre bolt, distance sleeve and backing washers. It is used in assembly with a linking cage to form the ‘S’ mount. Mass range: 5.0 - 45 kg. Datasheet
  • Type 'XM' Mounts The Type ‘XM’ mount is Identical to the 'X' Mount range with the exception of the spaces between the leaves are filled with knitted mesh cushions to provide damping. This allows the mount to be used in areas where high or low temperatures and extreme environmental conditions are of a concern, and the standard Type ‘X’ is not suitable. The ‘XM’ mount is designed to be interchangeable with the Type ‘X’ providing the same a space efficient shock mount design. Caparo Engineering Limited holds the Patent for this design of mount. Mass Range: 9.0 - 550 kg Datasheet
  • TYPE 'Y' Very similar shock protection to the ‘X’ mount, but with much improved vibration attenuation at higher frequencies. Dramatically reduces equipment noise from being transmitted through the ship and also out into the ocean. Mass range: 6.0 - 550 kg Datasheet
  • Type ’P4½’ One size only with a supported . Fitted in mirror pairs or circular arrangements symmetrical about the centre of gravity of the mounted item. Mass Range: 340 - 500 kg Datasheet