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Group Values

"Success will happen so long as you work hard and with integrity" - Lord Paul.

Caparo has never been a company that is highly centralised and there is never any intention of changing the individual character of each operating division by dictating a specific company mission statement or vision. However Caparo is built upon some core values and beliefs and it is these that guide our decisions and our attitudes.

These ethics were developed from Lord Paul’s Anniversary speech in 1994 which celebrated 25 years of Caparo.


• Caparo is something more than a successful enterprise…it is a story of people, of values and of human effort.

• Working together we can build Caparo with resolution, fortitude and ability.

• The goodwill and confidence of Caparo employees, our suppliers, our customers and our managers is the bedrock of our business

• Always aspire for excellence; nothing else is good enough and never abandon hope

• There is no such thing as bad business; only bad management

• “What I like is people who are proud of what they do” Lord Paul

• Our aim is to always be in the top 10% of performers (measured against company competitors)

• Find excitement in industry and your own job in it

• Cherish the enduring values of fidelity, truth and integrity

A message from our Chairman

"When I started the group in 1968, with one small factory in Huntingdon, I had no clear vision of what we could achieve – it was the last thing on my mind! And so it remains today. The Caparo story is one of friendship and gratitude – and is forward-looking. We have demonstrated our belief in the manufacturing industry and we will continue to do so. Even in difficult times and adverse conditions, managers with skill and a belief in people will always be able to prosper.

Caparo is more than a successful business enterprise – it is a story of people, of values and of human effort. Above all, it is a story of faith and family. I have always believed that hard work and integrity far outweigh any short cuts to success. In Caparo it is these principles that bind the global Caparo team together". Lord Paul, Chairman and Founder, Caparo plc.